"If I could give Diane 100 stars, I would. I recently adopted my Milo (he's 10 years old and from Chicago) and Diane has been phenomenal with advice on helping him adjust to his new home. My work travel schedule is a bit erratic and Diane has been a life saver. She is kind, patient, and goes above and beyond to help and best of all, Milo loves her."  ​--Claire S., Nashville, TN


"I used Diane to take care of my 4 cats. She did a great job, and texted me everyday so I didn't worry. They took special care of a stray cat that I feed and made sure he had fresh water. I was able to enjoy my vacation and not worry about the cats, knowing they were in good hands with Diane!" -- Susan M., Antioch, TN


"Diane was wonderful! We had a meeting before I left. She came to the house, met the cat and asked a bunch of great questions. She was completely thorough. They sent daily updates with either picture or video. When I got home, they had left a detailed summary of each day/visit. Way easier and less stressful on you and your pet than boarding them! Thanks Diane!" 
-- Catherine M., Nashville, TN


"I am so very pleased with the service that Bohemian Catsody provides. It is very comforting to know that my darling Luna, is so well taken care of, while I am away. Such dedication and professionalism! 😊😺Thanks so much!" --Meghan D., Nashville, TN


“Diane did great job checking on our cats during vacation, highly recommend. Thanks.” --Tim R., Brentwood, TN


​​​​​​​"I tried kenneling my crew at a couple different places in Nashville (both were no good!) before trying Bohemian Catsody -- why did I waste the money before?? Diane is terrific! Completely reliable and great with my pets. Plus, I love getting the updates on how everyone is doing while I am away AND I get my house watched (mail taken in, plants watered etc) for LESS than I was paying before. Can't go wrong!"  ​--Ellen S., Nashville, TN


​"Tried out my first pet sitter. Glad I chose Bohemian Catsody. I received text updates every day to ensure me that the cats were doing fine. I even received a couple photos of each cat looking quite content. When I got home, it was like I had never left. Both cats were very pleased to see me. I highly recommend!"  --Brian C., Antioch, TN


"Snugglemeisters (Bohemian Catsody) did a great job of taking care of my pets. They respond promptly to queries and service requests and were not put out by my list of specifics regarding food, water, litter, brushing etc. They took excellent care of my cats, and I will continue to use them for my pet sitting needs." --Jay N., Nashville, TN


"I can't say enough great things about them......Tiffany took such good care of my furry babies!!!!!! She sent me pics after they were was so comforting!!!....I will use them always!!!"

-- Tommie G., Green Hills, TN


"There's no one I would rather have take care of our pets while we are out of town.  She takes such good care of them that we've upped our day-to-day owner game to keep up!  She texts pics and videos and also leaves notes with the happenings.  More than we had hoped and are so grateful!" --Ramien B., Nashville, TN


"We've used Diane several times, and have several more appointments scheduled.  A lot of us treat our pets like kids, and she understands that and does everything she can to ensure you're happy. She always alerts you of upcoming appointment times, and sends you a message of how each appointment went.  I would refer Bohemian Catsody to all my friends and family looking for a true professional to take care of their pets."  -- Paul G., Antioch, TN


"My two cats, Jax and Fearless, were well taken care of and I had piece of mind while traveling. Diane did a great job caring for my babies and we will be sure to call her and her mom again when we plan our next trip." ​--Rebecca F., Antioch, TN


"Diane and her mother, Marge, are exceptional. From our first meet and greet, I new that my pets would be in great hands. Marge stayed at my home and sent me a text/photo every once in awhile, but more importantly, they use software that allows them to review their day with your pets. You can access it from anywhere and read an update. They're natural "animal" people and it showed." -- Elena B, Brentwood, TN 


​"Diane took care of our two kitties in June, seeing to all the details with the greatest care. They're a shy pair, but they did beautifully in our absence with many thanks to Diane!  What a joy!"--Anne D., Green Hills


“Diane is amazing! She always texts me to let me know everything is ok so I don't worry about my very shy kitty. Very organized, leaves detailed notes, keeps the food bowl clean and water replenished - I totally recommend her to anyone!”
-–Jennifer F., Cane Ridge, TN 


“I'm so grateful to be able to get away for a couple of days or a week and know that my cats are being well-cared for at home. I couldn't relax if I boarded them, so I highly recommend Bohemian Catsody. Diane from is amazing! She clearly loves cats as much as I do and has completely won my three over (no easy task!). She sends daily video updates every visit. She's incredibly responsive, reliable, flexible and trustworthy. And the prices are so reasonable for the service. My cats have companionship, fresh food and a clean box and I have peace of mind. I've used Bohemian Catsody several times now and will use them any time I have to be away from home. Bohemian Catsody rocks!!”
-– Terri B., Nashville, TN


“Diane was great! Needed her services very last minute and she found a way to make it work! She also is a cat whisperer! My semi-grumpy cat took to her immediately. Will definitely use her service again!”—Amy A., LaVergne, TN​


"The pet sitters at Bohemian Catsody are the best. I travel a lot for work and they have always taken wonderful care of my 3 kitties when I am gone. I come home to happy, contented cats who have clearly gotten lots of care and attention. And when I was called out of town for a family emergency, they went above and beyond to take care of my pets until I could get back. Add to that the fact that their prices are reasonable, and their love of cats is obvious and you have on completely satisfied cat momma."

-- Donna W., Antioch, TN 


"Diane has been great in every way the two times we've gone on vacation and needed her to take care of our chinchilla, Frankie. She is trust worthy and her daily notes and video texts are a nice touch. Your pet is in good hands with Diane and I highly recommend her services." 
-- Jamie D., Brentwood, TN 


"Bohemian Catsody is amazing. My two cats are like children to me and Diane provided me with complete peace of mind during my trip! She was extremely organized, responsive, and sent cute videos to my two kitties to me each day complete with toys she even brought to my house for them to play with! I'll definitely be using her in the future!" -- Aimee K., Brentwood, TN 


"Diane is so kind and so professional. You can trust her and her team 100%. They are great people and truly care about your needs and your pet's needs. We love them and highly recommend Diane and her team to anyone in the Nashville area.” -- Jill B., Antioch, TN 


“So glad I found such caring professional to take care of my babies when I travel. Thank you!” 

-– Carrie, Nashville, TN


​​​​​​"Diane looked after our two cats while we were away. The ages of our cats differ significantly and so do their needs. Diane gave each cat the attention, care and stimulation that they needed and kept us posted with messages, pictures and even little videos. When we came home we found two happy and relaxed cats which is the most important sign that they received very good care. We already booked Diane for our next period away.” ​--Petra W., Forest Hills, TN


“We came home to two very happy cats thanks to Diane and Bohemian Catsody! Our little babes love their humans and to play so it's always a worry when we need to travel. From the daily text and video updates, we knew they were thriving at home and that we were very likely missing them more than they were missing us.” – Kristin W., Antioch, TN


“Great! My cat loved the company!” --Sarah C., Antioch, TN​


"Diane is AMAZING!!!! I was very nervous leaving my cat for the first time and for such a long time (3weeks), but all my nerves were calmed. She was just superb with my cat; I could tell by the daily video just how much he liked her - my cat liking anyone is a novelty. I would highly recommend Diane to everyone.” -- Meghan H., Brentwood, TN 


“Diane from Bohemian Catsody always takes such good care of my cat Winnie. She always sends me a daily video of how the visit went and I get to see my cat while I'm away! She makes sure my cats food is always fresh and full and the litter is always cleaned. My cat loves her and so do I! I would never get another cat sitter!” – Jane W., Antioch, TN


​"Bohemian Catsody is absolutely fabulous! We have two cats and travel a lot. We never worry about our kitties when they are under Diane's care. She keeps us updated on how they are doing with texts and videos and takes great care of them. They absolutely love her (she's like the cat whisperer... even our shy one took to her immediately)! Once when we were out of town and our daughter had forgotten a very important item at home, Diane came to the rescue and saved our trip! We are so glad to have found Bohemian Catsody!" -- Lea D., Antioch, TN


"Diane did a fabulous job. She made sure to keep me updated on how the cats were doing daily and I loved getting the pictures and videos she would send me. Having Diane and Bohemian Catsody take care of my cats when I was away for the long weekend helped put my mind at easy that I didn't have to worry about them and they were very well taken care of." --Tristan H., Antioch, TN


"Diane is professional, and goes above and beyond with caring for pets. When she made her first home visit to meet us and the cats she had very helpful ideas that made it clear she cares for animals. This put us at ease.  Diane also sent us videos and/or text messages with every visit.  Thank you, Diane!"  --Tess D., Franklin, TN


"Diane took excellent care of my cat while I was away for the holidays. Her reliability and obvious care for the pets she sits for set my mind at ease while I was away. I would definitely recommend her!" --Alyssa W., Green Hills, TN


"Our kitties really enjoyed Bohemian Catsody and it was great to get updates and videos of them playing and happy while we were away. We had total peace of mind and were more than pleased with everything Bohemian Catsody provided. We have already booked with them again!" --Kendal G., Nashville, TN


​"Diane was Fabulous! Highly recommendable! Felt good about being on vacation, while knowing my cat, Bella was in great hands. Thanks again!!" --Jamie G., Antioch, TN​


​"Professional cat care with a heart. Highly responsive, top-notch easy-to-use and comprehensive online system to manage cat care visits and information the caregiver needs while you're away. A personal meet and greet resulted in love at first sight from my cat and I couldn't be happier with this service!"  --Amy S., Nolensville, TN​


“The pet sitters at Bohemian Catsody are the best. I travel  a lot for work and they have always taken wonderful care of my 3 kitties when I am gone. I come home to happy, contented cats who have clearly gotten lots of care and attention. And when I was called out of town for a family emergency, they went above and beyond to take care of my pets until I could get back. Add to that the fact that their prices are reasonable and their love of cats is obvious and you have on completely satisfied cat momma.”--Caroline W., Antioch, TN  


​"When I first moved to Nashville (1.5years ago) I needed a cat sitter for when I would travel back to my hometown for the holidays. Diane came over to meet with my kitties and see if it would be a good fit. She is caring, attentive, dependable and so loving to my kitties. They love her and knowing she takes good care of them eases the stress of leaving them for a week or more. She sends pictures & videos when she visits and it really adds the extra touch that every pet owner appreciates. Diane also helped in a pinch recently.. I forgot I had to travel for work and booked visits with only a few days notice! Can’t say enough positive things about her and this company!! If you’re looking for someone to care for your sweet kitty, look no further!!" --Shannon C., Nashville, TN​


I appreciate the care, consideration, and thoroughness that Snugglemeisters & Bohemian Catsody bring to my life. It is reassuring knowing that my kitty is being looked in on while I am out of town, and I treasure the photos & videos I receive from them. I even have some of my previous kitty Scout that Snugglemeisters sent to me while checking in on her, and I'm forever grateful. --John H., Nashville, TN


I used Bohemian Catsody and I was not disappointed. I have my Kiki, who is afraid of everything, Buddy, who is sweet but has to be separated from Kiki, and 3 semi-feral cats outside. Bohemian Catsody took care of ALL of my cats.. keeping them separated, fed, clean water, litter box!! I can’t say enough.. I have not had to use them lately, but I will be calling them soon ..So thankful I found them🙏❤️😽--Karen H., Nolensville, TN


Diane was simply wonderful with our cat! Satchel loved her so much, he is even cuddlier now after her sitting him! She clearly has a great hand with cats and made sure we stayed informed about our kitty every day with videos and updates. She went out of her way to go to our rental office when our AC broke down (which was absolutely fantastic!) and got it fixed. Very competent, compassionate, and attentive! We will definitely give Satchel into her hands again next time we travel! --Alexandria T., Nashville, TN


Absolutely the best for all your cat care needs!  Personable, reliable, and professional.  Highly recommended! --Tammy B., Nashville, TN


Diane and team are great and always help in a pinch! In instances where work travel comes up one in advance, I can always count on them to come in and take care of my 2 cats. She is quick to respond to texts, and always provides an overview of each visit. Highly recommend! --Samantha V., Nashville, TN


Diane takes excellent care of our two cats and gives us such peace of mind. She responds quickly to requests and texts, her rates are reasonable, and she send us photos and videos of our kitties when we're out of town. --Laura B., Antioch, TN