20-Minute Visit - $20

This is a shorter visit for kitties that may not come out to play or snuggle, if most of the chores are automated (such as the feeders and litter boxes), or if we are doing two visits a day (good for cats on special diets), so we stop by mainly to spend time with the kitties. Although cats are more independent, they still need interaction, socialization, and lovin' to reassure them all is well until Mom or Dad come home.

30-Minute Visit - $25

We begin by greeting your cat right when we enter and spending a bit of time giving them lots of love and attention. Next we clean the food and water dishes and replenish both. We have found most cats will eat if we sit by them and tell them what a great job they are doing eating their food (don't laugh, it works!). After they finish eating and grooming a little, we get down to some serious playing. This includes shoestrings, stuffed animals, feather toys, or anything that helps get them moving, stretching, running, and jumping. Next we take a break and do our chores like scooping the litter or watering any plants. Kitties love to supervise here. Then we write an entry in the daily diary and finish up with a last check around to make sure all is well and give the kitties a hug and kiss on the way out.  Once complete, we send a text and usually a video or picture.

60-Minute Visit - $45

Hour-long visits are excellent for households with multiple cats and many chores involved such as watering outside plants.  Some cat breeds are highly social (Rag Dolls, Abyssinians, etc.) and require more "together time". We, of course, are happy to sit and spoil them or create fun kitty games to challenge them intellectually and physically.

Overnight Stay - $65

Overnight stays involve a bonded, insured, and experienced sitter staying at your home overnight for ten to twelve hours tending to your pet's every whim. We also insure the security of your home while you are away. With a car coming and going and parked out front at night (plus lights on and off), your home is well looked after. At the same time, your cat gets to follow someone around just like normal! We try to create an atmosphere similar to if you were home: feeding at the usual hour, snuggles and playing on call, plus television on or music playing. We are even comfortable sleeping with multiple pets in the bed if that's how you roll.

Pet Taxi - $25

Our pet taxis generally involve transporting cats to or from the groomers or veterinarian when you are at work or home bound and need a hand getting your kitties where they need to go.  We always follow up with a text letting you know the pets have arrived safely.

House Sitting - $50

Okay, so maybe you don't have any cats but need professional sitters to stay in your home while you are on vacation...Bohemian Catsody to the rescue.  We go around and do a thorough house check each day inside and out, making sure the house is safe and secure.  We are there when the weather suddenly changes and you're worried about the heat or the air conditioning.  We take in packages and tend to simple yard or house work. Our sitters are all clean and respectful, pass background checks, and leave your house just as you left it.